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Primer life and accuracy

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Yesterday i got some of the best groups ever out of my Remington VSSF in .308. This was with 748 powder, Nosler J4 168's, WW brass, and the maybe surprising part, RWS large rifle primers that are from 1973. Made several groups at 300 that were under 1/2 MOA, both off the Parker-Hale and from sandbags. This gun is in an AICS stock so I can seat the bullets way out there and still mag-feed them, but it really does not seem to care much about seating depth.
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I've been told by my 63 old year Smith that primers and powders will last a very long time if they are stored correctly. I've not been around long enough myself to put that theory to the test but I am using some 4064 powder that is 10 years old.


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Speaking on how to store the stuff... I found some red dots in my Blue Dot powder about 15 years ago.... called Hercules just to let them know. Had a nice discussion with the guy in which he told me that they still had some of the original, first lot of Bullseye powder, which they use to comparison check each new lot. This is from 1897, now, and they keep it.... under water. Not in a sealed container under water, just plain under water, as in wet. They bring up a scooper, dry it out, and test it against the latest batch. How bout dat!
What happened to the term "keep your powder dry?"
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