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Just got one of the 9x23's back from D.R. Middlebrooks. He installed his new version of his Prosight. Very Nice. Its a small dovetail that goes front to rear with a allen screw to hold it in. It came with 3 replacement sights, a Tritium,white dot and a red fiber optic. All interchangable with a twist of the allen screw. The rear sight is still the low "V" like the Ashley. I took it out today and shot it...Love it. Its a Keeper!
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Geez...I sure would like to see that...(hint,hint)...have any pictures yet?

Wish I knew how to post the pictures. He did some other work too. If anyone can tell me how to post a picture I'd be happy to.
Try the FAQs...there may be some posts in the administration area with a better description...If that doesn't work, try this..


Go to this site and follow the directions to download and start accounts etc...You can post pics of anything here if you can get set up...All you need is the pictures and a scanner, or digital camera...If not...it's still a cool place to be aware of!

Have fun...:wink:
Well here goes my first attempt at posting pictures.

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I don't think it works...any suggestions?

Should be an address sort of like this...
Try accessing this page and let me know...You can send me a private message or e-mail me 'til you get it down...and we'll meet back here later...


I think I fixed the link. Let me know if it works.
Pretty easy huh?

Looks great! I was hopin' someone would do this!

There is another guy that's doin' somethin' similar...Can't remember right now though...

Thanks alot...

You're on your way!!!

Welcome to the forum!

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You ain't done yet. :grin:

Instead of just posting a link, why not post the pic in the thread? It is really easy to do and most us of like it better than going to another window, especially as it allows you to read the comments or descriptions of the image inline. Much more effective for forum use IMO.

It is just a matter of typing [img ] then right click and copying and then pasting the image location here, then add [ /img] at the end and your done. :smile: In order to show the code (in this example) I had to leave a space between the brackets and the img code. When you do it, leave out the extra spaces. Click on the edit button of this post and you can see the code I used to post the pic.

Examples of this BB coding are shown in the FAQ. See the link located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Cool 1911 BTW.


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Ok, I'll try the front site.

Wee DD what did I do wrong?

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I went to the page you were trying to link to. There is no image showing there at all. I can't navigate elsehwhere from there, but if you can bring the pic up, I will try to link to it again. BTW, your coding was just fine.

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