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Q on a Savage

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I've gotten an offer from a friend to buy his Savage bolt gun.

It's from their custom shop, with stainless barrell in 22-250. No scope. Never been fired, he's asking $500.

Anybody have any experience with these? Sound like an alright deal?


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OK, I've discovered more:

It's a Savage Model 12VSS Short Action Varminter in .22-250.

http://www.savagearms.com/new/centerfir ... _12vss.htm

He wants $500, but no box for it.

Any opinions?
Savage makes good solid accurate utilitarian rifles. I have had no complaints with the ones I have owned. Haven't seen the model mentioned. Should(nasty word) be OK. Price seems reasonable. S/F..Ken M
If you buy the rifle, drop me an email. Maybe you would like a different stock for it?

Take care, Jim Hanson.

Thanks, I appreciate it. If I hang onto it, I'll let ya know.

Take care.


I think I might have asked you this by email, I can't recall: do you guys using aluminum bedding blocks in your stocks ala HS Precision?

Thanks :smile:

No, the stocks do not have an aluminum block in the stock ala H.S. You can you use them as we ship them or you can have it bedded, with or without Aluminum pillars. The proble with a full aluminum block that is machined to fit the reciever then has the stock basically injected around it is that the aluminum will expand and contract to varying degrees. It wont do it consistantly from front to back or side to side.

That is why you can call Remington and order a 40x or other model custom gun and it will come in one of our stocks, not an H.S. stock.

H.S.= Good for production grade and that is about it.

Take a look at the benchrest stocks used in competition and you wont find HS, you will find Six, McMillan, and some others.

Hope that helps without going to "into" it.

Email me if you have any more questions.

Thanks, Jim.
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