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Question for Colt Commander Fans

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I have a mint lightweight Commander. I believe it was made in the 1970s. It has no box etc. and it came with one magazine. I paid $625 for it. My questions are how much shooting does it take to erode the feed ramp and should I get a trigger job, Novak sights etc. or let it sit in the safe?
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Hello, Richard. Kudos on getting very fine arm in my opinion. Much as I like BHPs, nothing totes as well as a Commander in my opinion.

Got to shoot one in .38 Super the other day and man, I kind of wish I hadn't...if you know what I mean! I want one.

Anyway, back to the pertinent stuff: I own a couple of "lightweight commanders" in .45 ACP. Mine were also pre-80s vintage and had the small sights and short grip safety that liteerally eats me alive.

Had a few changes made by Lou Williamson and tested both for function and to see if POA matched POI. All was fine. I then picked one to carry on duty as an officer and as a general all around piece.

Shot the fire out of it. Thousands upon thousands of rounds have gone through that old gun with very few problems. Admittedly, much of it was a 200 gr CSWC at only about 800 ft/sec, but quite a tub of ball and ball-equivalent handloads have been fired as well.

No problems with the feed ramp. I suspect that with flat nosed JHPs and a magazine that allows the top round off a full magazine to dip and thus, be driven into the ramp could dent it and over time, cause problems.

There will be others who can more shed more light on this from their greater experience with Commanders, but I've had no problems with the feedramp dinging up. When I tote a Commander today, the JHP I use is the more rounded HydraShok 230 gr.

I do wonder if the harder-jacketed Golden Saber might cause a problem myself?

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