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Questions about old Colt 32-20 revolver

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What have I got?

I have an old revolver that says "32 W.C.F." on the left side of the barrel.

On top of the barrel it says,
PAT AUG.5 .84.NOV6 88 MAR.5 95"

The crane and cylinder release say, "10XX"

The frame under the crane says,

The bottom of the handle says,

[I am substituting "XX" for real digits]

It has smooth walnut grips.
They almost look like rosewood.

The cylinder rotates counter clockwise.

It has an unsupported ejector stem with a hole in the knob.

The gun has a 4.5" barrel that tapers down from .65" to .6".

It weighs 34 ounces unloaded.

The horse marking is in a .3" circle.

There are two long thick leaf springs exposed by removing the grips.

The machine screw holding the grips is threaded into the wood directly with no metal insert.

There is a spring adjustment screw in the front of the handle.

The serial number is on the frame, crane, and cylinder release.

There are two bolts that hold the cylinder. A traditional one in the middle of the cylinder that does holding when the gun is not cocked, and the rear bolt that holds against the hand when the trigger is pulled or the gun is cocked.

Is the timing working right?

I know the rotation in lock up makes it unsafe to shoot. The cylinder has .1" rotation when locked up to fire. This is half caused by the hand being too short, and half caused by the rear bolt is dented and does not protrude as far it could.

But should the forward bolt protrude during firing as well?
TIA Clark
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It is a new army.
It was made in 1907.
I clean the action and ordered a trigger from Numerich.
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