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Here is a two part question I'd like some help on.

1. Has anyone ever verified that the claims made by the manufacturers regarding speed, etc for their rounds is accurate?

Example, if Winchester rates their 115 gr 9mm at 1109 fps muzzle, 1071 at 50 yds, is it? Or better still under what conditions is it? If it's cold is it higher or lower?

Not having access to a chronograph, I do not know, and would not want to shoot a match and find afterwards that I paid to practice!

2. In reviewing some of the Winchester data on their 9mm rounds, I came across a bit of semantics and again wonder if any of you can clarify it. (Note, this is not to pick on Winchester, just they have detailed stats & comments available on line).

Winchester White Box, Product Symbol Q4172 has bullet features that list "Good Accuracy".

Winchester WinClean, Product Symbol WC91 has bullet features that list "Excellent Accuracy".

Both are listed for the same type of application, each are 115 gr, but the ballistic coefficients are different as are the velocity readings. So what causes the difference?
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