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I have a few questions for those more enlighted then myself. First off is their a good place, web site or forum, where I can learn more about the big (or medium :smile:)bores?

I have no real use for such a rifle, but the idea of one has been consuming my every thought for the last couple of weeks. :wink:

What are the collective thoughts about single shot rifles such as the Ruger #1 as a newbie's big bore?

What round should one look to start out with when stepping up from more main stream rounds like the 7mm magnum and 30-06?
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Well, I've kind of got the big bores out of my system now, but I think you should take one of two directions: traditional with a .45-70 or the best early modern medium, the .375 H&H.

A .45-70 will push a 400 grain bullet over 2000 fps in a strong modern rifle like a Ruger (but that 7.5 lb rifle does kick) and the .375 will move a 270 out at an easy 2750 fps; about the same as a 180 grain .30-'06.

Everybody makes a rifle in one or the other of those calibers, components and dies are standard catalog items, and there are reams of loading data in print.

There are lots of other medium to large bores out there, but I think these are the ones to look at to start with.
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