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My first 1911!!
I saw this baby in the shop, some guy who'd been waffling between it and a SIG for a few weeks finally picked it up, brought it back 4 days later for the SIG, and there it was in the "used" case, $165 less than new, with but the tinyest mark from improper reassembly of the slide catch.
I could not let it go.

So, the next day, I bought a Chip Mc mag, went to the range, and put 100 rnds of Target Blazer 230 gr. through the piece.

On mags 6 and 7 both there was failure to lcok after last round, but I have no idea what it was about.

I shot a dozen or so one-handed (at which I'm no good!) and caused a FTF.
That particular round failed on it's second go also, from one hand.
Can't say I blame the gun for that one.

All-in-all, I am extremely happy!
It's so pretty, it shoots right at POF (point of flinch!) and IT'S MINE!!!

The last eight rounds I shot more carefully than most, at 15 yds.


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Welcome to the forums and congratulations on your purchase. I too am a first time Kimber owner (Custom Eclipse II) but not a stranger to the world of 1911s. Keep practicing, break it in, and you'll have one gaping hole in that target!
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