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Ranger SXT +P+

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A couple of questions (David I read your reply in the other Ranger post but I'm trying to clarify): Is this http://shop.store.yahoo.com/botach/winranra9.html the LE ammo, with the talons? If so, is this a good price, and is Botach a reputable place to deal with?
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The link did not work for me (cookies/firewall issue) but Botach has always been professional in my dealings with them.
If they are advertising this to be the Ranger T ammo then I would believe it to be so.
David: They don't use the word "talon" at all on the page, just describe it as "Winchester Ranger RA9SXTP New Current Production 9mm 124gr +P+ Ammunition". The reason I am a little confused is due to your reply in the other post, where you stated that "The correct part number for the Ranger Talon 127gr loading is RA9SXTA in pre 2000 127gr +P+ and RA9SXTP in post 2000 brown box." The part numbers match up, and the box is the brown one, but the word Talon isn't used, and these are supposedly 124gr. They give ballistic info as 1250fps/440ft-lbs at the muzzle...does this match up with what you know about the Talon load? I've also attached the two images that they have. Confusing =]

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well I'm not David, but if you go to Winchester's LE web page, they no longer call it the "Talon" just "127 gr. Ranger SXT"

The ONLY thing not matching up as far as I can tell is the weight. Velocity, +P+ 9mm, box, and RA9SXTP. Same product code as on Winchester's website, same ballistics too.

The only way to be sure though is to order a box.

This is the correct product code, but the bullet weight is not a match, the correct weight should be 127grs not 124grs.
I have recommended these guys for Ranger ammo a few times now and they have done very well by the customer:

One-Eyed Jack, Inc.
18124 Wedge PKWY 103
Reno, NV 89511
[email protected]
Thanks David! (And other not-Davids who replied)
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