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I was wondering if anyone knows anything good or bad about RBCD ammo? I have never seen this ammo until today. It seems to pack quite a punch without over or under penetration.

40S&W 77gr TFSP 2100fps/754flbs
Penetrated 11" in 10% gelatin with a 9" cavity.
It also had spec on all other common handgun calibers as well as several rifle rounds.

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Just a few more calibers in RBCD ammo results:

10% gelatin, 34 degrees:

40 S&W 77gr TFSP 2100fps/754flbs
9" cavity/ 11" penetration

9mm 60gr TFSP 2010fps/539flbs
7" cavity/ 10" penetration

357sig 60g TFSP 2410fps/774flbs
8" cavity/ 11" penetration

10mm 77g TFSP 2420fps/1015flbs
12" cavity/ 12" penetration

.45ACP 90gr 2036fps/828flbs
11" cavity/ 11" penetration

.45ACP 115gr 1650fps/700flbs
11" cavity/ 12" penetration

They also had same test results on several more semi-auto calibers, revolver calibers, and rifle rounds, however, just wanted to post a sampling of the list for you.

When reviewing gelatin pentration numbers please remeber to subract a full 35 to 40% of the quoted distance in gelatin to realize a fair representation of living tissue penetration.

The magic pentration numbers do climb rapidly as body weight and muscle/bone density of the predator increases.

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I thought Wolberg did a study in San Diego that looked at over 100 shootings with the 147 9mm JHP and found the gel results tracked pen/exp very closely? About 13/.60 in both.

I've shot plenty of 9/40/45 JHPs into road killed deer (easily the equivalent of heavily clothed people) and observed about the same thing. Nowhere near a consistent 40% reduction from gel figures.

Federal's new 124/9 EFMJ does 12.85/.52 in gel, did 14/.59 in an injured whitetail to finish it off.

Don't tell me deer aren't as tough as people either. They are more likely to run around after taking a 30-30 through the boiler room than most bad guys are.

The CPRC (Canadian Police Research Centre)fires through pig ribs embedded two inches into gel blocks and got a 20% reduction from the 115 Silvertip, none from the 147 HS/GS after hitting the bone.

Sure, they may stay in/not exit from some angles and give a total depth of 8 inches or less, but that's because it's harder to punch through the bone, muscle, skin, clothes on the far side. Hitting an arm first will reduce some pen of course. Or a window...

Yes, I know the 115/9 Silvertips went 6-9 inches in Platt, but I still think a 40% reduction across the board is excessive. They went deeper than that on avg when the cops here used em. They went from the 115 ST to 147 OSM to 147 HS to 124 HS +P+ and they are not having any trouble getting over 8 in when they need it.

If you want to be more sure of hitting the magic 12 every time no matter what, looking for something that does 15-18 in gel may not be a bad idea, but I wouldn't call it a great idea either. That would be overdoing it, could lead you to pass up some otherwise good stuff?

I am more than confident in my G19 and GS ammo. I know my limits, and I keep coming back to this combo. I'll just have to keep doing more with less, cuzz when I use more I do less.

Kinda like me. I've been everything from a lightweight to lightheavyweight since high school, and I am best as a welterweight. I kick better bad guy butt (no matter what they weigh) at 147 than 175. Go figure? :wink:

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