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Although I haven't had any personal experience with this ammo, I can tell you I don't think it brings any revolutionary benefits to the table. I've seen their website and heard some of the outrageous claims made by gun store clerks trying to convince me of this ammo's "unbelievable stopping power". For general purpose self-defense ammo I would shy away from the loads offered by RBCD. Remember there are trade offs for all the benefits their web page claims. Furthermore, don't be mislead by the high energy numbers. When referring to handgun ammunition used against human target energy can rarely make a difference in actual wounding. Also, RBCD's claims of an 11" PERMANENT cavity from a 115gr 45ACP in 10% Ordnance Gelatin is by definition impossible. One more thing that bothers me, even in the heaviest loadings the 45ACP only reaches 12" of penetration in 10% Ordnance Gelatin.Decide for yourself.

http://www.rbcd.net/Personal Defense Ammo.htm

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Well about a year ago I had some extra bucks laying around and I shot the hell out of this ammo.

Some things I did:

1. Took a piece of sheet metal and placed a water jug behind it. Blew the water jug all to hell and shot fine droplets of water everywhere.

2. Took a side of beef ribs, put a heart behind it and shot it. Heart became hamburger.

3. Shot for accuracy. My best was 3" at 25 yards with a gun I know is twice that good. So, that was not too bad for a frangible.

4. Recoil seemed pretty mild for the purported energy levels, but the blast was loud. Didnt shoot in low light so cant attest to flash.

It's a frangible, and a pretty damn good one from whats available of that lot, maybe even the best. Has better accuracy than any other I have tried. Feeds well in my gun, had no problems there. I'd rank it right up there with a MAG-Safe Super Swat and you get better accuracy to boot. Another thing, these loads that I shot all performed consistently, I cant say that about the rest.

I tried them mainly cause Jim Cirillo was giving his endorsement to them.

I'm not going to address wound ballistics cause thats so damn complicated even the experts disagree whats what with that. I saw what it did to that heart, was impressive.

I carry SXT and Hydra-shok. If I was so inclined to shoot a frangible, Id give this stuff a serious look.

Test em out. See what you think. You might hate em, you might like em.

if it flies it dies, if it runs it's done

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