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RCBS Customer Service

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Let me preface this by saying that I am a Died in the wool Dillon fan. For 13 years, all of my reloading equipment has been Blue, and as far as I am concerned, their service is top notch. Immediate shipping of new parts, press rebuilds, etc., at no cost, has won me over.

With that said, I purchased a used RCBS Rock Chucker and Uniflow powder measure (primarily for rifle load development - it's a little easier on a non-progressive). The powder measure was missing the large measuring screw that sets the powder level in the large cylinder. An annoyance, but what can you expect buying stuff used?

Called RCBS, explained the problem, and they are shipping one out. I had my credit card in my hand, and when I asked the price, I was told "No charge." I explained again that I had purchased the equipment used, was not the original owner, and I again asked the price. They refused to take my money. Wouldn't even let me pay for shipping.

It really is a pleasure to do business with a company that understand's the value of treating customer's right.

Kudo's to RCBS for great service!
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I love those people...If anything, I believe Dillon was tryin' to copy RCBS customer service policy...I don't remember for sure, but seems to me RCBS was the earlier of the two...I've had the same experience you just described and haven't spent one cent since I bought my first RCBS equipment in 1976...I'm gonna' branch out soon though, several of the makers have incredible new equipment...I just want some of all of it!

I bought my first loading equipment in 1967, it was an RCBS Rock Chucker. I still have that press and still use it. I have had the occassion to needs some parts from RCBS in the past and their service was top notch and they refused to let me pay for the parts.

I even called them about some parts for the old obsolete Green Machine that I have and even tho it was out of production they took the time to scrounge around and send me what they had at no charge.
RCBS customer service is great! They stand behind their products. I use Dillon equipment also and the same can be said of them. Both companies are a pleasure to do business with.
i live 30 minutes from RCBS and have worn out more reloading equipment than i can remember..their customer service is great and their tollfree is always usefull..1 800 533 5000. hornaday takes good care of their customers , and Lee's people do the same...
I agree... RCBS has always given me first-rate customer service. Luckily I've never needed anything major taken care of (just small stuff, or curiosity questions). Judging from their actions, I'm confident they'd step up to the plate on major issues too should the need ever arise.

I've got a lot of RCBS handtools and accessories as well as one of the early model RS presses. This press is really built like a tank... a far cry from their recent RS line which seems to get skimpier and less substantial with each new model.

Dillon's customer service reputation is well-deserved, but RCBS treats their customers very well also. Too bad all business can't treat their customers like this.

I've dealt with RCBS since it was called Rock Chuck Bullet Swage. The only company dealing in their products that surpasses them in service is Huntingtons.
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