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Not too much to know about crowning really. The important points are: Crown should be dead square to the bore, preferably with no burrs. Counterbores or chamfers work equally well. C'Bores are more typical of match guns and chamfers of "use" guns. I have no problem using C'Bores for everything. Recess them a bit and you will have a hard time damaging the rifling. You should not have any chatter marks when you are done. Don't let them get started even. Best way to aviod them is to use cutting lubricant and go SLOWLY, with even pressure on the tool. If you do it by hand, an altogether acceptable way, brownells makes some nice hand units. Pilots for the bore are of course a prerequisite.

Oh, your choice of crown type, depends on the thickness of the barrel. Chamfers probably work bettr on thin auto barrels, the c'bores work very well on revolvers.

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