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O.K. so I'm cleanin my newest 1911's, the Springfield 1911a1 "Loaded" 9mm and the Wilson MP .45acp; I go to move the bbl link up on the 9mm bbl and it has an abnormal resistance to it. when I looked closer I noticed this

and was wondering: what kind of misfit/or whatever causes this? It has a FLGR if that makes a difference. Should I take my fine swiss file and smooth the rough spot down or is this an indication of a more serious problem that needs to be corrected in a different manner?(it's not that serious because it's going to Dane asap for alot of work to make it a killer 9x23 :grin: but i'd like to make it right if possible for the time being)

Then I'm putting the wilson back together and realize the plastic recoil spring guide in it is being gouged and otherwise shredded

what brand of guide should I replace it with? Or should I stick with Wilson parts?

Thanks for any info,

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