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Recommendation? New sights for my Para Ord. P12 Limited.

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A local Tampa gunsmith couldn't find any adjustables for the P12... P13, 14, and 16 yes, but not the P12... OK, if that's the way it "has" to be... I mainly just want new sights, they don't have to be Adj's...
Something with white for better / quicker aiming visibility... I just discovered you guys, and I think I'm in the right place.
Thanks in advance, take care,
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If you have the Limited series, I believe you already have a Novak style sight from the factory. You should be able to get any other style of Novak " "lo-mount" sights to slide right into the dovetail. They have two-dot, bar, and nite-sight styles. Have you checked http://www.brownells.com ?

Any good smith should be able to mill your slide if you wanted to go to a Bomar style cut, as well.
Hi Bill!

Glad to see the link on Glock Talk brought you here. I hope you are the same Mild Bill? We are only a few days into this board and the group is already gaining some serious momentum. Welcome aboard!

Hey DD...
Yep it's me...
I'm happy to be here, thanks!
And thanks Shane, for your response as well.

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Hi Bill,
I made it over here from Glock Talk also.
How is that Sidearmor working out that I sent you? Take care.
Hey! Let's get a Pizza!
Kenneth, the Sidearmor is great!
When you sent it to me I owned two belts, a 1", and one a 1-1/2"... Two days ago I picked up a 1-1/4" belt to fit the Sidearmor, and I wore the gun and magazine for the first time yesterday. I thought the IWB might be uncomfortable in a sitting position with my fat belly but it was not.
I realized that I'm not simply fat, but pliable as well!
My G33 with the stainless barrel, the long tapered Scherer pinky extension and that Sidearmor IWB, looks like I broke into the Bat Cave and ripped off the Bat Pistol!
It's great! Sidearmor and Glocks are made for eachother.
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