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I'm new to reloading, so forgive me if my questions are rather elementary. About reloading 38/357:

It seems that bullets are somewhat interchangeable, especially if I stick with 158 grain semi-wadcutters. Is that right?

Also, I'm looking to buy some bullets and this is how they are listed:
.38 cal, .357" diameter.

Here's another question: one manual lists data for 158 gr 38 or 357 loads regardless of diameter, while the other specifies the diameter (Speer manual lists 158 gr loads for 38 special, but says that the diameter is .358. Speer says that the 158 gr loads are OK for 357 mag, but that the diameter is .357).

So, can I use the bullets in either 38/357? Is a thousandth of an inch important in bullet diameter?

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