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Reloading/Gun rooms

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Hey here's an "off topic" for you. Post some pics of your reloading or gun room. I just moved into a new house, so I am getting settled into this one. It is a storage room on the outside of the house which is good, but the disadvantage is that I have to go outside to get there. One downside is that my safe is inside, so I have to transport guns outside to get them in and out to clean and maintain. The best thing is that I have 10' of bench space. I spend about three hours a nigh in there, so I still need a few more amenities!
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Great idea for a topic! BTW, my eye went directly to that suppressed Ruger .22. :smile: Very cool that you do have 10 feet of bench space. Many of us would kill for such roomy digs. I have seen gunsmiths that work out of smaller spaces!


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I would show you a pic of my Gun Room ,But my wife won`t let me have one.She said I will only leave a mess that she would have to clean.
When my wife and moved into our newly built house 4 years ago, a 12 x 20 bonus room became my reloading room. Don't have any picture taking gear yet.
Thanks for the compliments. Shooters spend so much time reloading, cleaning guns, etc so it is nice to have a decent room. Up until now I have been sharing the extra bedroom with my wife and her office where I had 30" of bench space, so now we each have our own room and marital bliss is preserved! The Ruger (or more specifically the suppressor) is by Mark White of sound technology. It's his M can and is removable so it can be screwed on to a heavy barrel 22 rifle that is threaded for it. Prefered ammo is remington target, can't get the aquilla 60 grainers to stabilize. Snowshoe hares don't know what hit 'em! Just waiting for approval of my Form 4 for an integrally suppressed Marlin Camp 45. That is going to be awesome. Class III is interesting but all the decent machineguns are way to expensive.
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Reminds me of home - I can smell the Hoppes from here. :smile:
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