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I got a replacement slide for my CZ-52 today in the mail. The firing pin dropped right in.

How do I move the extractor from the cracked slide to the new slide? It looks to me like I would set the old slide upside down on a table, or in a vise. Then I could use a 1/16" punch and a small hammer to drive the pin holding the extractor in place out of the top of the slide. I expect the extractor and it spring to pop out.

Then I would take the new slide, put in right side up in the workbench, and try to line up the hole in the extractor with the hole in the slide. Then I would tap the pin down from the top of the slide through the hole in the ejector.

Is this a decent explanation of the procedure? How easy is this to mess up? Are there any tricks or techniques for getting the pin out and back in?


Mike P. Wagner
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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