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Revolver Holsters for 686 in IDPA

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I've never shot a revolver in competition before so I need some recommendations. What holster do you use in IDPA competitions for a 4" S&W 686 L-frame? Also include what speed loaders and holders you use.

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You are in the exact same spot that I'm in. I have a 686 that I am getting ready to try out in IDPA. It will be my first time in IDPA as well. I plan on getting a Dillon Master for the gun. It holds it at a cant, is IDPA approved, and most importantly, it's pretty cheap for a first-timer like me.

I just have HKS speed loaders, and a cheap Uncle Mike's speed loader case that is probably not the best for IDPA use. One of these days I will manage to scrape the cash up for a pistol (but which one...arg!), but I believe in knowing how to use all my guns. That's why the 686 will be my IDPA gun this year.

I'm also thinking about installing a Wolf spring kit in the gun to improve the rather heavy trigger pull. Add on some Hogue soft rubber grips, and I will be all set. I hope...

If you come up with any neat tricks or good ideas for this gun, please let me know!

What I like for carry and IDPA with my GP100 4" is my Alessi Hideout with DeSantis Second Six speedloader holders held up by my Alessi 1.5" belt all in black. The Hideout is an IWB holster but if you prefer OWB look at the Belt Slide Unit also from Lou.
Hideout: http://www.rfholsters.com/rfholsters/pr ... %2DTHR%26A
Belt Slide Unit: http://www.rfholsters.com/rfholsters/pr ... d=AH%2DBSU
Well, my Dillon Master arrived yesterday. It seems to be good for the money I paid. The leather is tough and it holds the gun in very well.

Oddly enough, I can actually conceal the gun rather well with this holster and an untucked button up shirt. That's surprising because I am a 6-foot twig...
for idpa matches? i'd go with a blade-tech, and use standard safariland speedloaders (with slight chamfer on chambers)
I would go with the Blade-tech holster and Safariland loaders, but they are a bit out of the budget for a beginner in IDPA. If I enjoy the sport and get into a bit more $ later on, I'll get the cylinders done and get a better holster. This will work for now...

Thanks for the advice for the future, though!
I have a Dillon "Master" holster for "L" frame 4" S&W revolvers. I like the holster for carry, but in competition the rounded top edge of the outside leather keeps getting in the way of a safe and sure re-holstering. It hangs up and curls under the edge of the cylinder. I got frustrated and bought a Kramer "Vertical Scabbard". This is a great rig and similar to the Alessi "DOJ" for revolvers. There are other manufacturers of this style that may work as well.
I use Safariland Comp II loaders in carriers made by Mike Benedict at Talon Tactical. I'm not sure if Mike is still making these carriers or not, but they work pretty slick in IDPA.
Blade Tech is the way to go for IDPA. Go to the nats or any other large match and darn near all the top wheelgunners use Blade Tech. Their speedloader holders are pretty good too.

If you got a blade tech scabbard, a double speed loader holder and a single holder, you would be set for IDPA. (don't forget the max on speedloaders is 3 on the belt)

I recommend the Safariland Comp III's or the SL variants. Comp III's are pretty cheap from brownells, I paid about 10 bucks each for mine IIRC. Good stuff.

Ted Murphy

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We build a very nice Holster designed for carry/IDPA style stuff . Check us out at http://www.raftersgunleather.com . Thanks .
The Sparks PMK is a superb holster for revolvers with barrels up to 4". http://www.miltsparks.com

The Heinie DOJ for revolvers (built exclusively for Heinie by Lou Alessi), is also excellent. http://www.heinie.com

The main difference is that the Sparks PMK has an FBI-cant and the Heinie DOJ is a straight drop.

If you prefer kydex, Mike Benedict crafts a nifty revolver holster. http://www.talontactical.com

By all means if your 686 is stock do the Wolf spring change. It is a great inexpensive "trigger job".
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