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Royal finish durability

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I will be buying my first 1911 in the next few days and have decided on either the Kimber Royal or the Classic Stainless. The pistol will be used for range work and occasional carry.
While I prefer the looks of the Royal,I am a little concerned about the durability of the finsh.I know some wear adds character, but I don't want to feel I must baby the Royal to keep it from looking old before its time.
For my intended use, and using reasonable care, would the Royal maintain its good looks or should I get the Stainless and not worry?
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My Classic Royal has been used and abused, the only signs of finish wear are on the thumb safety. It does have a few scratches that are quite deep but they can be written off as my foolishness not bad finish :smile:
BTW if anyone knows how to fix scratches i'm all ears :wink:
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