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Ruger 22/45 jamming

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My Ruger jams after about 150 rounds. What's happening is the round trying to chamber runs into the bottom edge of the feed ramp. I have four mags and have replaced all the mag springs and the recoil spring and polished the feed ramp. I've tried a lot of brands and what seems to work best is Remington Thunderbolt which will go about 150-200 rounds and then it'll jam about 2 a mag. Is this normal for a Ruger 22?
Thanks, Robb

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I would try some of the higher end .22s, such as the CCI standard or mini-mag load. I use these for matches, as the quality control is top notch. Federal makes some really good ammo also. this is just to see how finicky your pistol. If it burps on this ammo then you definitely have a gun problem. Sounds like you have covered all the magazine bases. Good luck, DC
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