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Ruger P-97-D 45acp

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What do you guys think of the Ruger 45`s.I just bought one brand New with case and extra mag for $349,Plus I get a $40 rebate back from Ruger.Thats what I call a deal.
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Have had one for about 6-8 months about 4000 rounds through it. Range report; 0 FTF, 0 stopages, 1.5" 25 yard groups. The only gun is my safe that does not have any modifications. Great Pistol!!!
I had a P90 but had to part with it for financial reasons. DUMB

It was a love/hate relationship: I loved the accuracy and maintenance, but hated the trigger and trying to find a decent holster.

Probibly the worst feature for me was the strange looks folks at the Friday matches gave me. "Eweeiuw... that's not a 1911!"

Come to think of it, I think I'll see if that guy wants to sell it back to me.
WEWEBB - Sorry for the off topic. But I will be moving to the Everett area next spring. Where do you do your Friday night shoots? When I am in port I would like to do some formal shooting.

Gunner -
Sam's Gun Shop 11714 Airport Rd, Everett, WA (425) 348-3006

Look forward to seeing you there,

Bill Webb

P.S. Anyone else that happens to be in the area is also welcome.

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I have now shot 650 rounds through my P97D and have had no FTF and it groups less than 3 inches at 40 feet.The trigger is awesume ,both single and double action.Only thing not stock is a Get Agrip on the handle.Not bad for $309.00.It`s a little ugly but who cares with groups like that.
Would it be possible to use 1911 magazines in the P97 if they had an extra cut for the Ruger's magazine latch?
Matt VDW said:
Would it be possible to use 1911 magazines in the P97 if they had an extra cut for the Ruger's magazine latch?
I paid too much for my 97D when they first came out: $368. Live and learn. I like the idea that there are rebates now. I shall go out and buy a few more. I love these ugly beater guns. They are accurate enough for combat shppting (I mean who shoots half inch clusters in a life/death situation with point-shooting?). I like the slim grips, the thin profile, and the reasonably flat slide for a 45. Great buy. The DAO is not bad, either. Long trigger travel, but that is no worse than a Beretta or SIG DAO.
good for the doller?

I am Thinking about getting my girlfriend one of these 9mm. She enjoys shooting but hates those "ugly" wheel guns. You guys think this would be a good gun?? Would be used as a home gun and a fair amount at the range? model?

:lol: Had a P97DC for a number of years. Wonderful piece of equipment. Lost my head, felt that I needed a S&W M625 and traded. Decided that I liked the Ruger better. Shop that I traded with has the price jacked up so that I couldnt trade back without taking a beating. Plan to sell the M625 and wait for new Rugers to be put on sale. They can still be bought for under $400.00 plus tax around here.
I have a P95DC and A P97 DAO. I would give up wife, dog, truck and cussing before i would get rid of either one. :lol:
I just bought one of these and I like it a lot!! :lol:
Like gun44, I have both a P95DC and a P97DC. Both excellent pistols. The P95DC has had many hundreds of rounds through it by now and has NEVER had an FTF/FTE. The P97 had one or two misfeeds when it was new, but is now totally reliable. I have access to quite a few handguns, but when things go bump in the night, I usually grab the P95, because I know it will work every time.

I have never had a FTF or FTE in either the 95 or the 97 either. I shoot at least a hundred rounds a week with these pistols and they just keep on shooting. They will feed and extract any kind of bullet configuration I put in them. They give great accuracy for this type of gun also. I' m talking 4 to 5 inch groups rapid fire at 10 to 15 yards. Slow fire I can shoot 2 in groups at 20 yards with either pistol. What more could you ask for?
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