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Are there better magazines available than the S&W version? Ya know, like the 1911 aftermarket mags are better.

Anyone have any problems with theirs?

My sister and I bought my mom one for Mothers day.

Used CCI 22LR rounds in it the first time. It was a used gun, very light usage, maybe 10-20 rounds through it. Had a few FTF's where the slide didn't grab the rear of the round but rather grabbed the side of the bullet on its way by therefore hanging up. Had five of those out of about 90 rounds. Shot it straight from the shop without cleaning since it looked pretty clean. After I shoot some of the ammo through a clean gun I will decide whether it was the ammo or the fact that the gun was slightly dirty.

Cleaned it and used 50 Winchester T-22 rounds in it, no FTF's, but did have one FTE on the second round of the day, didn't happen again.

Put another 50 rnds of Federal (cannot remember exactly)through it no problem.

Started with another 50 of Remington Hyper Velocity Hornet IIRC. Had three our of fifty no fire, like a hang fire without it ever firing. Based on that, I will never use those again.

I think we will stick with the T-22's.

It also has the wood target grip on it and a Optima 2000 red dot scope. Man is this gun fun.

Its on my permit too, so I get to take it to the range as well.

Believe it or not, shooting the 22S helped me on shooting my Colt XS GM.
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