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SA 9mm Loaded

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What type of barrel ramp arrangement do these have? Is it the Wilson/Nowlin type? I want to add a 9x23 barrel to this 1911 so I can try out the caliber. What barrels do you recommend? I have used Brown and BarSto barrels on other 1911 projects but was wondering if any others are recommended for the 9x23. It will have to be a ramped barrel. Thanks, K
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It depends I have seen them come with S/S STORM LAKE ramped(nowlin cut)or there non ramped barrel.
Just call Irv at Bar-Sto and he will get you exactly what you need. IMO the Bar-sto chamber is the best 9x23 chamber out there of the barrel makers. Dane or George at EGW cut their own chambers. With the presures of the 9x23 the chamber has to be right.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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