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I own 6 1911's and am looking at buying what I want out of the box instead of building another gun - hate to wait that long.

Am considering SA Pro model, SA TRP, Wilson CQB, several Baer models, and also Kimber Gold Combat. Alas, none of these are "perfect", although Baer comes closest if not for his customer service rep.

Does the SA "Professional" model have the extra material on the frontstrap and dustover like the rest of the SA 1911's, or does it have the traditional shape?

Also, is there anyone else who has put a serious amount (5k+) of major power ammo through one of these guns (also Baer's and Wilson's) and how do they hold up?

For example, frame/slide/barrel tightness? Broken parts? I go between cycles of shooting a bunch, and not shooting much, and want to be sure that the gun will hold up. In the first 6 months I owned my SVI .40 I put 10k+ through it - love my Dillon 650!


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