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SA Bureau model

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Purchased a Springfield Armory "Bureau" model (the one with the FBI serial number before they were stopped and changed to the "Professional" model) and shot it today. Perfect! I ran about 200 rounds through it and there was not even a hint of a hic up. Accuracy was outstanding but didn't have any rests with me so it was all by hand. Was concerned about the 20 lpi because I had a Kimber before with 20 lpi that kind of tore me up (yeah I guess I was a wuss) but this one just felt great! Has anyone else had any experience with this gun?
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I got to shoot one of the FBI guns and as far as shooting goes it is one sweet pistol!

The only critiques I have are:
- The checkering is not very clean
- Novaks instead of Heinies :smile:
- S&A magwell- unnecessary IMO

But it is not fair to judge this pistol on cosmetics because it is a pistol intended for a SWAT operator, not for show. That’s the difference.
I would feel 100% confidence to carry one for work or self-defense.

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