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SA Bureau model

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Purchased a Springfield Armory "Bureau" model (the one with the FBI serial number before they were stopped and changed to the "Professional" model) and shot it today. Perfect! I ran about 200 rounds through it and there was not even a hint of a hic up. Accuracy was outstanding but didn't have any rests with me so it was all by hand. Was concerned about the 20 lpi because I had a Kimber before with 20 lpi that kind of tore me up (yeah I guess I was a wuss) but this one just felt great! Has anyone else had any experience with this gun?
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Once I figure out how to do it, and get a digital camera, I'll give it a shot (no pun intended).

My gun is still at the gun range on the ridiculous 10 day "cooling off" waiting period. The irony of it all is that the longer I have to wait, the hotter I get! :sad:

Oh well, it'll be HOME soon :smile:

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Okay, picked up my Bureau model today and shot it again. This time with a Millet pistol bench (not a machine Ransom rest but better than my shaky, flinch-infested hands could do on thier own). Put the target to the back of the range, probably 15 yards or so, and put a nice cluster together with one flyer about .5 from others. The others almost all touched! Not bad. Repeated twice with very similar results. Then quit while I was ahead.

Moved target into combat range. Put another 200 rounds on top of the previous 200 rounds with no malfunctions at all. Thats 400 rounds, with no cleaning, and it was not cleaned before I bought it from the other person. Overall, pretty darn happy! :smile:
Well, every gun can have a bad day. I've owned Baers, Colts, SA and other semi custom and full customs but none that has run this well with every load. Some have equalled it (100% so far is 100%) but none beat it.
I think the $1900 price was quoted before they discontinued branding them "Bureau" model and eliminated the FBI prefix serial numbers. Apparently on 50 or so went to public before they stopped and started marketing them as the "Professional" model.

Prices have inflated due to the markings rarity, but not due to it being built any differently. Retail on current Professional models are $2500 now. Dave Williams, of SA Custom shop, said the "Bureau" models with FBI serial numbers are going between $3500 - $4000 (I didn't say, he did!).
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