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SA Bureau model

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Purchased a Springfield Armory "Bureau" model (the one with the FBI serial number before they were stopped and changed to the "Professional" model) and shot it today. Perfect! I ran about 200 rounds through it and there was not even a hint of a hic up. Accuracy was outstanding but didn't have any rests with me so it was all by hand. Was concerned about the 20 lpi because I had a Kimber before with 20 lpi that kind of tore me up (yeah I guess I was a wuss) but this one just felt great! Has anyone else had any experience with this gun?
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First off I am very glad that your pistol is working out well for you. More power to you brother! I had an interesting conversation with an FBI agent about the bureau model about 6 months ago. He was buying a glock 27 from me and I didn't want to waste the opportunity to ask him about guns. He is a firearms instructor and as such told me he could carry pretty much what he wanted after if was safety checked. I asked him about the bureau model and he said he hated it. He said at the range for familiarization training they couldn't get a gun to go through 2 mags without a stoppage and that he would never carry them. I replied that I thought that was very interesting as I had read that the testing was very intense and demanding. He said he would not carry one. I asked him about the Glock 30 and he said he loved it but it wouldn't feed the golden saber 230 grain that they had to carry as the OAL was too long for that gun to function reliably. He was hooked on glocks.

By the way, I don't share his opinions. I am hooked on 1911's; but that is really because I shoot them better than other types of pistols. I am glad to read this post of bureau model performing so well. Good luck with your new gun. Is this your primary carry gun?

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I don't know which office he works out of but I live in Sterling, VA and he lives here too. He bought a G27 I had advertised on subgus.com and we did the deal at this house. The car in front was a crown victoria with what looked like the "police" package on it to me. He posts on subguns under the name of "Chas" but I don't feel comfortable giving out his name over the internet. By the way, what is one of these pistols worth with the FBI prefix. I saw one on subguns last night for 3,300.00 (might have been 3,500 - can't remember), the seller seems nice enough but I was curious if they are really worth that much. It was a lightly used gun.
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