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SA Champion MiM Parts and QC questions

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I just purchased a Loaded Champion and on the first trip to the range had some problems extracting. I inspected the extractor, and the claw looks to be cut a bit short. I have since dropped in a Wilson Bullet Proof, and I think that solved the problem. Anyone else run across this type of QC issue with thier SA? I would have sent it back, but hey, what can I say...I hate waiting around.

I started to look at the gun closely after that, and wondered which parts were MIM parts. Im guessing the beavertail, hammer, thumb safety and slide stop. Im wondering about the ejector. The color is different compared to the other stainless parts on the gun. Anyone out there got some insight to this. I am not real updated with the MIM process, and I wonder about it's durability.

One last thing...anyone know where to find good replacement parts for stuff like the reverse plug or a F/L guide rod? I figure eventually they will have to be replaced, so Id like to have the parts around when it happens.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Aloha :grin:

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I think Wilson Combat makes some of the best parts available.
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