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SA TRP or Trophy Match

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I'm a new 1911 shooter and have been bitten badly by the bug. This 1911 stuff is dangerously addictive.

I was looking at the SA TRP or Trophy Match. What are your opinions on these firearms? I would like to buy a pistol, an upgrade from the used SA Supertuned that I currently own (I plan to keep shooting the Supertuned), but cannot justify $2000 or more for a custom gun.

Are the other two SA models worth considering or would a Valtro for $100-300 more be worth the extra money? Thanks for your info.
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Depends on what you're going to mainly use the gun for. I would personally get a milspec and have a smith fix it up. You should be able to get a great gun for under $2000.
Hey there Alaska,

Once you've experienced a well-done 1911, you'll never want to go back. I've owned Sigs, Beretta, S&W, but am now down to only 1911's. The only that hasn't been modified is an Ithaca 1943 production GI gun. OK, I do have to admit to owning two glocks, but only for work, and only because a certain administrator doesn't like 1911's - a story for another day.

You should buy the best gun you can afford. You should also decide if you want fixed or adjustable sights, which is one of the primary difference between SA's TM and TRP.

In addition, what use is the gun for? Strictly range work, or perhaps for carry? If you plan to carry it even 10% of the time, I strongly suggest fixed sights. The bo-mar style sights make holes in clothing, catch on things, scape your skin, etc. I've tried it and did NOT like it.

I've heard good and bad about the TRP, but SA has a good rep of fixing things gone wrong. I also don't care for the "TACTICAL" lettering on the dustcover. Other than that, it appears to be a lot of gun for the money.

As others have pointed out, the SA guns also more meat on the frontstrap and dustcover.

For under $1500, you should also consider Rock River Arms, and some of the Kimbers.

For similar cost, you can buy a basic Kimber, SA Loaded, or Colt XS and have a smith customize the gun for you. That would be the way to go in my book. It's worth the wait, and the options are endless. I really recommend it. Later on, you can have more things done as money permits. FWIW, I currently have a SA milspec being built up.

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Look at the Gunsite GSP 2000, the GSP 2001, Rock river Arms, or the Wilson Millennium Protector or CQB.

Alternatively, you could have Dane Burns (or try to glom onto one of his BCPs from Terry Peters), Jim Hoag, Dick Heinie, Wayne Novak, C.T. Brian, or SDM build you up a gun while you still shoot your Supertuned. Then have the Supertuned SA redone by the same or another pistolsmith.
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