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Safety Problem????

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I just put together another 1911, (Safari arms frame, SA slide) had a 'smith put in the beavertail safety and I put the rest together.
It passes all tests (I followed the TM)but when I took it to the range today, it would fire the first round, but the trigger "froze" on the next round.
If I put the thumb safety on then off, it would sometimes fire.
It also feels like the grip safety spring is being kept depressed after the first round.
Any suggestions??
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Neither the grip safety NOR the thumb safety is fitted correctly. I am the last one to tell you to get a professional to do it right....but in this case "GET a Professional to do it right"

There are things of little matter but a gun going off when it is not suppose to is a VERY BAD thing.

Since you had a professional fit the grip safety I might suggest finding another and perhaps better "professional" this time.

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Sounds like the grip safety is dragging on the rear of the trigger bow when the trigger is fully depressed. The grip safety should be relieved slightly to fix this, but this is a delicate area -- take off too much and the grip safety won't work at all.

I tend to agree with Dane. Take the gun back to the shop that did the work and ask them to make it right. And if they can't, find a better shop.

Byron Simpson

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Thanks, I will be heading to another shop this week. I'm very interested to know what it is, as I followed the TM to the T and it passed all function tests. (I have only 2 eyes and 2 hands and I want to keep them, hence being careful with the function tests)

(also from latte land, south of microsoft)
Took it to another shop and had them put in a extended thumb safety. The only thing the smith said he found was the hammer spur was rubbing the beavertail. (and it was a little to short) So it will be out to the range this weekend and test it.
Merry Christmas all,
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