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Saffariland Drop Holster Strap

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Does anybody know where I can get the dual leg strap for a Saffariland Tactical 6004 (I think) holster. It's a 1st generation kydex drop rig with the thumb break/rotating hood and single elastic leg strap.

From what I understand Saffariland has a new one out with a dual strap that's way more stable.
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My best guessw ould be to contact the source, Safariland. I have the "new" style and I do like it. It does require practice though.

But, I find it very secure and well built. I have had it for awhile now and have yet to break it running drills and rolling over it with my 245 lbs., so it must be pretty good stuff!
If you check http://www.swatgear.com, they sell the modular panel for the 6004 as a seperate accesory. I believe this is what you are talking about.
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