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"Sentimental" Favorite?

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Do any of you have a gun that you just *like*? Not necessarily the coolest, slickest, or most expensive piece you have, but the one that for whatever reason (rational or otherwise) you just couldn't see yourself trading away? Mine is this Colt Delta Elite, refinished from its original marked-up condition and mildly customized (trigger, thumb safety and Novak sights mainly):

It isn't so much that it is super-slick; the additions have been functional and at moderate cost, and it isn't as refined in some respects as my old Kimber Classic Stainless Target. It is just an... overachiever. I can't help but like it. One of those guns that is better than it should be. Even with the goofy "other-than-steel" :oops: arched MSH and wanna-beavertail :eek: it feels better in my hand than any other handgun. I think $100 gave it a world-class trigger setup. And as for accuracy... if the bone-stock Colt barrel was any better I wouldn't want to put in the new Bar-Sto barrel that's in the mail for fear of making it worse! It actually makes me look good because it's so easy for me to shoot.

I've handled and shot alot of guns that were slicker, cooler, or probably even "better" than my DE: customized Gold Cup National Match pistols, custom SVI Infinities, Kimbers, etc. Heck, I can't in all honesty make the case that my Delta Elite is any more functional than my Glock 20 that holds twice as many rounds. But I don't really WANT them; they are great, of course, but just don't do it for me like the DE does.

So what are your sentimental favorites?
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3 of 'em.

A Model 66 that a good friend carried in lots of bad places. The thing is simply more accurate than can be believed. His memory makes it a gun I would never sell, and the smooth trigger keeps me shooting it.

A Marlin .22 rifle that my Grandpa gave me when I turned 12. The rifle was responsible for creating the collectors market in those glass insulators found along the old railways :smile: Marlin should put it in their ads. It is still squirrel eye-ball accurate and my gawd, it has shot brick upon brick upon brick of rounds.

A curly maple stocked muzzleloader that my Grandpa built as a young buck during the depression and handed over to me for my 13th birthday. It was stolen from a wall mount in my office 6 months ago by some prick trying to feed a meth habit. Claims he threw it and several other fine pieces in the river. When he is released from jail he will swim, or, at least dive.

Many other well loved pieces, but those 3 have special memories. That is why, whenver possible, have a friend build you a gun. It means more that way over time.
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