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Not that long ago a certain agency I worked for issued the 1076 and more than a few people did in fact load them with .40S&W.
I never saw any ill effects other than broken decocking levers but that was not from the ammo.

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You guys are messing with my mind. I thought I understood how cartridges seat in a chamber of an autoloader. Don't they headspace from the mouth of the case? With different length cases how does this work? Does the extractor hold the round in place?

Honestly we are not setting you up, the "shorter" .40 rounds are held in place by the extractor. The distance is so small that you will not experience ill effects from it until you load your .40's way up the pressure scale which of course would make them 10mm's but only "smaller" some how. The revo's work due to the moon clips holding them in place and in my 610-2
accuracy is terrible with .40 S&W. I think DD sabotaged it? (kidding).


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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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