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Shooting glasses?

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Who is making the best shooting glasses? Who is making the best glasses for the money?
And who's do you use?
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Myrin Young quoted:
"Almost all lenses bend the light coming into the shooter's eye. The amount of bending or optical displacement depends on the distance from the lens to the shooter's eye, the curvature of the lens, the thickness of the lens and the material used to manufacture the lens."
The trick word is almost. Most plastic/polycarbonate lens are a problem somewhere on the lens..except Oakley, which are optically PERFECT. In Oakley's case you actually do get what you pay for.
I would agree with DD, he turned me on to the shooting array. I have 4 pair of M frames that I use, and the shooting array, which is by far the best for shooting. I have been using Oakleys since 90 or so and they have saved my eyes serious damage half a dozen times. I bought my array straight from Oakley's customer service but you have to ask for it. And they aren't cheap :sad:

They are worth it, IMO.
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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