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I have a few of the castrated mags. normaly don't use them. I di load up a mag once for two weeks and then was able to put the 10th round in about like the 9th was before.

I have heard of folks trimming the follower or doing as I did and loading the mag and let set.

Seems to me this is a problem with all new mGlock mags.

I have heard some folks report that before the mags are "broken-in" that if they do get a 10th round in they can not cycle the slide to chamber a round. I never had the problem.

Do we need more than 10 rounds? I sure hope not , but if I do I want to be able to have them. Please let this hi-cap ban go to the wayside Sep 04 (I think) It will also bring the prices of hi-caps down. rant mode off

Hope something I ranted about helps.


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Thanks for the info. I will just leave'em loaded up and see what happens.

I agree about the full cap pricing. I got a *deal* at $80 buck a piece last time I bought. :roll: The other place I found full cap mags, they wanted $125 for NFML and $150 for FML G20 mags. Of course the price list also had the same mags in LE versions for $28. <whine mode on> 'Tain't fair man.. :sad:


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Actually, LEO mags at 28 is high too :smile:

Around here, the average Glock mag price is 75$

As for the mag-set problem, a week is usually enough (though, after you get the other round in, another week at full would be useful too)

I've never gotten a 10th round in the Wilson .38 super mags and been able to lock it in the gun with the slide closed.

I have found that the model 29 and 36 mags can be difficult to fully seat the spring.
I usually disassemble them, then fully compress the spring for an hour with a heavy book.
Then reassemble the mags and leave them loaded with 10 rds (Example model 29), (use the Glock mag tool if it is too difficult the frist time) for a week in between range trips then the springs set and loading them to capacity becomes standard fair and the slide/cycling works fine.
I have noticed IMO that the Wolff springs seat quickly and they do seem to improve feeding/cycling.
*Note- I have not accurately tested this, it is only based on feel.


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