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Sig P210

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So it's not an HK so what, we need more pics and we have discussed the P210 here in the HK forum.

This is my new P210 fresh form Walter Birdsongs shop, I thought it appropriate to show it with a Terzuola fighter.

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Bob makes a pretty good blade for the money, doesn't he?

The pistol is beautiful. Impressions so far?
Groan,just when I thought I wouldn't have the hots for anything for a while!
NICE! How do you like the 210 vs the 1911?
The P210 is a very useful pistol that is especially accurate at longer ranges. It is not a fast action defensive pistol along the lines of the 1911. It is very smooth and amazingly simple in design and function. The P210 is a collectors piece that can also function well, but it is not going to replace your 1911 or Glock. With the reintroduction of the P210 the original models will only become more valuable.
Hello. I, too, truly admire the P210. I've owned two in my life, but foolishly got rid of my first one. Cost me $310 new in the box!!!!! The one I have now will stay!

I use mine to hunt small game with and to enjoy at the firing range.


I was tempted to buy one of the Danish surplus models some time back. They were going for 7-800 bucks. Never occurred to me that a Black-T refinish would be nice on one. Yours looks like one of the newer models - is it a -6? I don't know them well enough to discern the differences.

Anyone owned one of the Danish surplus oldies? I heard they were pretty good.

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It is indeed a 6, I was planning to wait for a new 9 model with the american mag relaese until it came to the distributor and I saw that dealer cost was $3,700.00. The new models are really the "old" models Sig had shifted gears to make the ill fated PRO polymer models and has now realized the error of their ways and resumed production again. On the finish I have been through so many finishes and I have decided that for my regular needs Black T is the best finish for me, on my high round count shooters/practice pistols I plan to use brushed hard chrome.
The surplus models are fairly good but I tend to find more machine marks on them and I would definitely recommend swapping the springs out for Sig factory new models.
My next Sig will be the new P220 high cap model.
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