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Sig p226

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I took two of my loved ones shooting yesterday - my girlfriend and a brand new Sig p226 (stamped carbon slide). It was the designated "Break in the p226 day" for us, and especially for her, since she helped me pick out the gun. She especially looked forward to shooting it, as it was the gun that fit her hand the best when we were in the market to find a pistol for her to shoot.

We put 500 rounds through the gun with only 3 failures to fire. This was probably attributed to the S&B ammo we used, which is known for those hard primers that sometimes don't ignite. In each of these cases, we simply pulled the trigger again, and the cartridge fired. Other than these three incidents, the Sig p226 shot smooth and sang as sweet as an Italian tenor. We've been growing more and more fond of this pistol everyday, as shooting it in rapid fire was easier than just about any other pistol. This specific gun had been tweaked by Mark at ARS. The operation of it showed. Accuracy was superb, and we experienced no failures to feed or extract. Handling is up there at the top, and felt recoil was almost unnoticible. The more we shot it, the more slick the gun felt.

I should note that this specific p226 is an older stamped model. Overall, I'm very happy with this gun, and couldn't say more good things about how good it feels and handles.

The one I have really feels slick, and seems to be dead accurate. It will never replace my .45 for a personal protection piece, but for a light kicking gun that is practically unnoticible in recoil, I don't see how it could get better than this.

Does anyone else have any good experiences with Sig Sauer pistols? Any stories or suggestions for modifications to share?

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Hello, JimGA! I'm not a big fan of SIG-Sauer handguns, but do have a couple I've kept: A SIG-Sauer P220 in .45 and a P225 9mm that is now the wife's.

In my experience SIG-Sauers are reliable and accurate out of the box in the vast majority of instances. I've not had to touch the sights on either of my pistols as both were were well-regulated at the factory.

Your experience with S&B ammo mirrors mine.

I bought my wife a S&W 3913 several years ago, and she handled my P220 when I was cleaning it-needless to say the 3913 was replaced by a P225....now she owns a P239 which she requested I buy for her which she really likes and I like the fact that the request came from her, and not me trying to sell her on guns.


You can try the above link for more discussion if you haven't run into that one yet.....Once I get the (many) I have now 'smithed up to my liking I intend to pick up at least one primo 1911.

For me at this point though, they fit my hand like no other and have had zero problems with them. I have read a lot of positive comments regarding Mark at ARS also. I had my P220 worked on by TJ's custom gunworks, it runs real nice. (Action tune, short trigger, semi-bobbed hammer)

Have read that the frame/slide(?) cracking problems with some models can be prevented by changing the roll pins in the slide every 5000 rounds.HTH

- -Jacques

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I can tell you a lot about a sig pistol. I just wrote a very long detailed article about the sig line of pistols for american gunsmith magazine that will be published in the coming months. My next article will be about preparing a glock pistol for street carry. Any questions call me. I am not good at typing.

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JimGA, I, like you, prefer big bores but I am not afraid to use a 9mm for personal protection. I figure if I can put 2-3 holes together fast in a person's chest cavity they are going down. Sig's are not my favorite pistol but they are accurate and trouble free. I like my P228 very well and I have never spent a dime on any of the three I own. Regards, Richard
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