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POI varies significantly with various guns and loads. What is a 2" difference in POI with a couple of my different loads, may be NO difference in your guns, or could be a 5" difference.

Tailoring your loads around your sight choice is probably not the best thing you want to be doing. What is your gun's primary purpose? If it is carry/self defense, get the Heinie. If it is for range/plinking, get the Bo-mar.

Regardless of what you get, find the load that functions reliably in your gun, and then adjust your sights accordingly. Your loads may not vary that much in POI, and a simple matter of adjusting your hold-over/under will usually work with the Heinies. At 15 yds. or less, I have rarely seen any loads that differ so much in POI that you would actually need to adjust your sights to compensate.

PS - welcome to the forum :smile:

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