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I too have been considering slide/frame choices for a full house custom. It would seem more logical to just provide the slide/frame to the pistolsmith and have them build it from scratch, rather than provide a complete pistol and have them "throw-away" everything but the slide/frame anyway.But this brought another question to mind, Federal Excise Tax.
Do you pay FET at the time you purchase the frame/slide, or would you pay the FET upon the completion of the gun? Is the FET based on the value of the gun, or is it a fixed amount? If it is based on value of gun, and paid upon completion, wouldn't it be cheaper to go ahead and buy a base gun, (knowing that everything but the frame/slide would be a loss) pay the FET at this lower price and then have the smith build you a $3000-$5000 gun? How does it work?
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