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Hello all! I have a USP40 F with about 1200 rounds through it. I noticed that the front of the slide seems a little loose when moved up and down, but tight from side to side. To me it seems that the front frame rails are not thick enough. The rear is nice and tight. Does this sound odd? Also, the slide is still running on the polymer, no wear on the metal lining yet. If someone would be so kind in helping me out, I would be very grateful :wink: Thanks in advance, Jeff

The USP is not a traditional gun in that it is built to be somewhat loose as reliability is the highest priority for ther USP series, the slide will tighten some as you shoot the gun and it heats up but it will remain fairly loose compared to a custom 1911 or a Sig.

Barring any unforseen cracks or damage to your frame your pistol should be fine and last you for at least 40k rounds before noticing any real wear or service life issues.
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