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Smallest Kimber? Opinions

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I am about to buy a very small gun.
I havent decided which one...but I am looking at the Kimber 45 that is smaller than an Officers Model (dont know what model it is)
Whats the consensus here?
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The model you are referring to is the Ultra Carry. I have one, which I carry daily. I have the base model, no frills on it. My only suggestion would be to check into either the CDP model, or get one and have it done up the way you want it. Other than that, the only problem that I have had is an occasional problem with the slide not going fully forward when loading it, which I am looking into. Other than that, it's a good weapon for carry, the short barrel makes it easy to carry, it's very well balanced, and it shoots great. Make sure you get a good holster for it if you are going to carry it concealed, as it likes to hang to the side because of the weight. Good luck.
John Szelog
I was going to buy a Glock....but am a dyed in the wool 1911 fan.......havent decided yet......
as for the slide not going forward....how many mags do you have?? Sounds like a mag problem to me....but I would certainly get that fixed ASAP> Is it just on the first round putting it into battery?
The one I am looking at in town has a poorly fitting mag too....sounds like that could be a hazard. thanks
The slide problem is only when I let the slide forward on a new (fully loaded) magazine, and all it takes to close it is bumping it. It's like it's sticking on one spot. The pain is that it's intermittent, and so it's hard to pinpoint. However, since you mentioned the magazines, I will have to check that. I have been having a problem with a Chip McCormick magazine that I bought, but that was with it not locking the slide back on the last round. I traced that to the follower design, nothing I can do with that except change the follower or get a new magazine. However, that may be something to look it re: this problem. Thanks for the idea. In re: magazines for the one you're looking at, check with Wilson Combat. I had a brainfart, I called them to see if they have magazines for the UC, and I can't remember if they do or not. Whenever I call them back, though, I'll post here on the site.


The Ultra Carry uses the Wilson Officer's mag. The gripframe is the same. I've had complete reliability with the Wilson mags. I can't say the same for the McCormicks.

I've learned that the recoil springs in the little guns don't last very long and going into battery can be a problem with the light slide. I use the Wolff springs and replace them every 800-1k rounds. Just be very careful screwing the guide rod end back on; a little too much torque and you'll shear off the threaded end...and wear safety glasses!
Mac10, thanks for the info. Are you using a two-piece guide-rod? If so, is it an improvement over the one-piece? What size (tension) spring are you using, stock, or higher tension? As to the McCormick, I haven't had any feed problems, but it's been reliable for not locking the slide back after the last round. Goofy follower design.
I've had a SS Ultra Carry for over a year and a half. I carry it daily. Great pistol--accurate, reliable, and comfortable to carry in my Milt Sparks Versa Max 2. Something over 2000 rounds through it w/no problems. Highly recommended.

Mac10 nailed it, the stock recoil springs on the smaller models aren't that durable in my experience... The original spring in my ProCarry was shot (Felt less than 14lbs) after only 400 rounds.
Sorry it took so long to reply...work, you know.

I believe the factory recoil spring is 20# and Wolff offers one at 20 and 22. I've been using the 22 pounder with no problems other than periodic replacement.

The guide rod is the factory setup with the captured spring assembly that was invented and licensed by Seecamp. The flat end that goes against the barrel lugs is threaded and sealed with a thread-locker. This part can be unscrewed and the spring replaced. The first time I did it I screwed the end on after replacing the spring and decided to snug it up just a little... bit... more and SPROING! The bastard shot past my head and ricocheted around my garage like a bullet! The threaded end of the guide rod sheared off with the added torque I applied. I had to hop to Kimber's website and have a new assembly overnighted to the tune of $56 plus $15 for shipping.

A somewhat expensive lesson was learned: Always wear safety glasses when working with springs, and don't apply any more torque than it takes to get to the end of the threads. Just use some blue locktite and you're good to go.

I don't think that there's a better spring setup out there for these little guns, but one needs to remember that the springs DO wear out faster than a standard length spring.
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