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So how do you haul yours?

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here is my High Noon holster with the BHP that currently lives there. What holsters have others chosen?

My first line defense is a D'Arcy

Don't leave home without it

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My BHP.40 lives happily in a Milt Sparks Executive Companion -- the most comfortable IWB rig I've ever tried.

For IDPA competition I keep it in a Blade-Tech, but just because I was tired of beating the EX to hell rolling on the ground.

The EX sits deep, has flanges to distribute the weight and is the first holster I've found that actually *almost* lets you forget you're carrying.

My Hi Power lives in an Alessi Talon Plus.
Hello. I carry in an old Askins' Avenger. Best.
I have a Kramer Duane Thomas holster I am very partial to. I also have a flap holster from Mark Decoveny of M/D that is excellent. Regards, Richard

PS I had to edit this when I realized there is only one n in Duane

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I am very partial to vertical scabbard holsters. With no rake, straight up and down. I have them for various pistols and revolvers from several manufacturers. I think they all are pretty well made holsters.
For CCW my Belgian FN rides in a Rusty Sherrick Horsehide "Gochenour Extreme High Ride" & for IDPA it's in David Eldeton's Ky-Tac "Hooper". One of these days it will be in Lou's Talon+.
Every so often a light comes on and I am afraid! I am afraid of the dark but more afraid of the light. I have a great holster from Fist for my Colt Officer and guess what it also fits my BHPs. I know you want to know what makes this a great holster? It is designed for use while driving an automobile. It is a cross draw and it may be turned parallel when seated. Regards, Richard
I'm currently using an old ProLine pancake. It just rides nice and close to the body. I considered a few of the new Kydex jobs around and will probably use one for IDPA, but the classic HiPower design just seems to call out for classy leather.
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