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Springfield 1911 Full Size in 9mm

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I've come across a Springfield FS in 9mm. It's used, but clean. Asking price is $500. Comes with 3 mags. It does not have the current key lock and the front sight is not the dovetail type. It does have a ramped barrel.
I'm tempted to jump on this with both feet since I've always had a hankering for one, however something is nagging at me, other than my spouse. The 1911 was designed for a 45, not a 9mm. Is this a potential money pit full of frustration for years to come? I have to ask why there aren't more of them around.
Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.
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I had always heard that story about the 1911 being designed for the .45acp and the 9 mm would not be dependable.
I got the bug for a 1911 9mm some time ago and I have two shooting buddies who have SA 1911 in 9mm. They both like theirs and let me shoot them. I ordered my own the next day.
For a new 2001 model stainless 9 mm 1911-A1 "Loaded" I paid $623 plus tax.
I love this gun. I use MecGar mags (that's what comes with it) and have not had a problem in about 600 rounds now.
I wouldn't worry about it. Get one.

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most of the problems come from aggressive hollow points and mags. I have a Colt and a SAin 9mm and have never had a problem. I understand the problem to be nose dives due to the shortness and taper of the round. If you do a search you should find more info.
I have a Friend that owns a SA in 9mm and between the both of us we have put in an excess of a 1000 rds through it. When it was brand new it had a few problems but as we put more ammo through(all different kinds) it seem to wear in alittle and shoot fine. I love his so much I am going to order one soon. So if you have a chance to get one jump on it
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Hey , a triple tap :grin: :grin: :grin:

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I've got a Colt ser. 70 commander in 9mm. I initially had extraction problems--lousy extractor from Colt--but after I installed an Aftec extractor the gun has run flawlessly. From what I understand, the 9mm is a little more sensitive to proper extractor tension. Anyway, my 9mm is every bit as reliable as my .45's.
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