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Springfield Armory grip profile

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I was just looking at a close-up photo of a Springfield 1911 on Guns America. It appears there is more grip frame metal in front of the grip panels. Although I have picked up and handled Springfields, I did not notice the diffence in feel. Do you notice that they feel different than other 1911s? Seems I have read a pistolsmith comment about changing the grip profile to that of a Colt. Is this an expensive project? Are the Springfield front straps just thicker, or are there other dimensions that are different also?
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The front strap on the Springfield Armory frame is a little thicker or for lack of a better term has more metal on it.

See the below picture

This is a poor email size JPG. But the gun on the left is a Springfield and you should be able to see the difference you speak of.

I hope this helps.
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Terry, or anyone else..could you post a picture comparing a Para high-cap gun and a Springfield high-cap gun in the same angle, comparing the grip? If you could throw an STI in the picture as well that would be of big help. I've always been boggled on trying to figure out which gun double-stack high-cap .45acp single-action gun had the slimmest grip, and also rounded at the front. In short, to figure out which of the three makers feel most like a normal single-stacked gun.


Yes the Springfield is boxier than other 1911s in the front grip area. I notice it more on my fullsize with normal grips than on my lightweight with thicker and slightly wider Smith & Alexander grips. Some don't notice and some don't care. I prefer the more rounded grip found on Colts (I'm not familiar with others).

I've already dehorned and reblued the slide and when I beat up the frame enough I'm gonna put a file to it to round the grip...........Mike
Thanks for the replies, and thanks to Terry for the side by side photo.

Yes,You'll notice a little extra "meat" on the front strap as well as the foward end of the dust cover.That forward area is the only part that bothers me.If not dehorned it will gouge Your holsters and in some instances won't allow holstering at all.tom.
I have definetly noticed that the Springfield Armory pistol is boxier then the others, and I am about to have mine brought to a Colt profile. As you mentioned the feel is not radically different but it certainly is to some degree. I could live with it but since I am going to have some other custom work done and refinishing is necessary anyway figured might as well make it exactly how I like it! :wink:
the reason the SA's are wider/deeper is to provide more metal for frontstrap checkering. i thought i would hate it after 30 years w/colt style,butnow i dont even notice it...
On 2001-04-30 12:28, Neal wrote:
Thanks for the replies, and thanks to Terry for the side by side photo.


Where's the dang photo???
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