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The Omega was an interesting concept. Some feel the parts scarcity make it more of a collector gun, than a viable shooter.

Here are comments from 10mm Firearms Page

PETERS STAHL USA had a web site up early in 1999, but the US distributor and PETERS STAHL couldn't come to an agreement for the distribution of the OMEGA pistols. The site does have 10mm top ends and it looks like they have a lot other things to look at. There are two general models available in 10mm. The Model 07 and the Model 92 are the two models. Several variations on both model are suppose to be available. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY (link) offered an interesting Linkless 10mm (pic) that incorporated a Peters Stahl inspired design and also offered, among a number of distributors in the past, the OMEGA handguns that are now the Model 07 and Model 92. The Stahl design has several innovations that try to improve the Browning 1911 design. First and foremost of the changes is the use of a "linkless" system for locking up the gun for controlling the recoil. The barrel and slide are modified to achieve this and the result looks like the lock up of a GLOCK or a SIG/SAUER. Also incorporated in the Peters Stahl linkless slide assembly are dual extractors, and the ability for multicaliber adaptations with only the change of the barrel, recoil spring assembly and magazine. The frame has the same feel of regular 1911's. These guns go for a premium so expect to pay over $1500. For that price, you do get a custom grade handgun though. The 10mm slides are only available in blue steel. Slide and barrel lengths come in 5" and 6". If you have a Peter Stahl 1911 or a Springfield Linkless 10mm and are looking for replacement barrels, JARVIS has a barrel lockup system that looks very similar.

Another review was posted on 10mm Information Page

I owned one, and two of my friends owned them, ALL were problems. With guide rod breakage, slide stop cracks, firing pin breakage, extractor wear, front sight loss, and slides breaking, the design from Stahl needed beefing up. Also the dual extractors caused MANY empties to be launched straight into my forehead. I started to develop a flinch, and a fear parts would not be available, and traded it for my GCDE... I'm not sorry 4 years later.

This was also sold for SHORT periods of time with import agreements with the above manufacturers/importers.

On with the gun details:

It was of multi caliber design, the frame patterned after the 1911. The top end was a completely new design, and it seemed as if as the bugs were finally worked out, the gun disappeared... too bad.

Since the dual extractors forced headspacing on the case rim, MINE shot hundreds of .40 S&W rounds (using colt .40 mags) without a hitch. Something I DO NOT recommend in ANY other gun chambered for the 10mm alone, with the exception of the 610. The top end was ported through the slide and barrel, and most of the ones I have seen were long slides, and blued finish. It was also available in a blue 5" slide AND a rare factory Hard Chrome version. All Springfield Armory guns were factory ported, however the McMillan, Safari Arms, and Stahl versions were not ported.

It was available in 10mm, 40S&W, .38 super, 9mm, 9x21, .38 special, and .45ACP. The barrels were inexpensive, and they worked very well. The barrel was a linkless design, that I'm sure will catch on after a time. Springfield also had a linkless 1911 in .40 and a few in 10mm, but patent concerns over the Stahl design might have caused them to cease production. I know of no linked 10mm's from either Stahl, or Springfield.

Owners of this gun are VERY fond of them, as I was. I had several folks write me looking for parts, and gunsmiths who knew of their uniqueness. I was one of them, and I understand. Now that I do not own one it's much easier to tell them to "sell it" and get a Delta Elite. Failing that, it's a good idea to find a Springfield .45 ACP slide to convert it back into a usable gun, in the event your slide goes belly up.


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Desert Dog thanks for your reply, You answered my previous and my next question about parts and sources available. The premise sounds like a good idea sure would be nice if someone could use it for a stepping stone . Thanks again Nigel
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