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I have an older (1980's) parkerized Springfield Armory - pre "Mil Spec" no Brazil stamp on the frame. It has been a pretty good pistol and has digested several thousand rounds through it. I've been using an old Pachmar grip safety, comfortable but much lower than the GI, or current crop of beavertail safeties.

I purchased a couple Wilson drop-in beavertail grip safeties for the Colt Government Model. They fit fine in my Colt Goverment Model. Even before starting I could tell there would be a problem with the Springfield. The rear tang is short, shorter in fact than a Colt Commander. This was tested because a friend had installed a Wilson drop-in on one of his Commanders so we tried it on the Springfield - still a large gap.

This doesn't make a difference with the standard GI/Colt grip safety, but if you are considering a beavertail grip safety, beware that the Springfield frame is not the same a Colt Government.

Note that Smith & Alexander sell a special beavertail safety specifically for the Springfield that uses a 0.220" radius instead of the normal 0.250" radius.
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