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Is there a material difference between the STI and SVI pistols?

I own a STI Eagle in 9x19 built by D.R. Middlebrooks. To say I am pleased with it is a huge understatement! :smile:

However, I just received a SVI catalog and they certainly have added a lot of options to their pistols. Some may not be "neccessary", but SVI clearly is progressive. I'd like to get your take on them.

Howard Benz
Memphis, TN
[email protected]
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SV makes good stuff and I use some of their stuff. Mainly mags and some small parts. Slides and frames however are all STI. But, their customer service leaves something to be desired. Actually a LOT to be desired.

If you tell me it will a year to get something, then fine. I will patiently wait a year. But, after a year I had better have something other than an excuse. Just tell me the truth right off the bat.

That is why STI gets all my business, even though SV is cheaper and possibly a better product in some cases.

AF Shooting Team
benzh, SV does seem to offer alot more in the way of options. You can spec out your gun right on their web site! Several of my friends use SV's race guns and love them. That said, when I went to order an SV, the average wait was 9 mos! I ended up getting an STI Edge and have no regrets. The STI is just as good and you can get it today. Other than some mag spring problems (with one mag) my Edge runs great. One thing I like better about the STI over the SV is a slightly looser chamber. The accuracy is fine but I don't have to case pro every round like you do with a tight chambered SV. This really enhances reliability. All in all, I'd buy another STI in a heartbeat!
I really do love my STI pistol. They make a great product. I couldn't be happier. I am not as worried about service, if my BCP-STI has a problem, it will get shipped off to visit the Oracle of Issaquah. :smile: BTW, I am using strictly SV mags with my STI.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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