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As you know, the Stock II is a DA/SA setup. I've stoned the sear and hammer and now have a short crisp break. However, I'd like some ideas on reducing the take up (travel), especially in SA mode. I experimented with a thin spacer between the interrupter and the rear of the trigger bar, and that worked. I decided an ideal solution would be to drill and tap a hole for a #2/56 oval-end set screw. I could not find anyone to take on the drilling project because of that outer angle and tight tolerance for a #2 screw. Well, one guy said he could probably do it, but he estimated $140 to drill and tap a hole. He'd have to build a wooden jig, etc., so, moving on.... I thought about Tig welding some steel to the inside of the trigger bar (where the interrupter fits), and filing it down to suit. I tested this 'theory' with JB Weld, as it's not permanent. Dang if I didn't file too much JB off, but it did reduce the take-up. In DA, it stacks terribly and feels a little 'bumpy?' near the end. Probably the JB Weld.

So anyway, that's where I'm at and looking for more ideas or to see if anyone has had any luck with this. BTW, honing out the plunger bore, polishing the contact surfaces, and using a lighter spring, has resulted in a perfectly smooth take-up, and I'm extremely critical, so happy with that part.

Tnx for any advice.
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