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Thought it would be interesting/entertaining to share some
unusual holster requests I've received over the years. Lou and Mike Benedict, I'm sure you both can add to this. Rob Garrett,
I'll bet you've heard some too! Anyone else?...
Holsters I've declined to make:
An ankle holster for 1911 LW Commander - too much gun
A double shoulder rig for 2 Desert Eagle .44s - too much cow!
(Seriously, I had concerns over this customer's character)
A shoulder rig for NFA-registered AOW 12-guage
(Customer was legal owner, but not Law Enforcement;
I have made such rigs for active LE personell).
A reverse or "calvary-draw" S.O.B.-I.W.B. for Glock 23
(Explained to the customer that I won't make any
design where the muzzle points at you when the gun
clears leather).
One-of-a-kind requests I have made:
An "Enforcer" belt scabbard (front and rear slot pancake
type concealment holster) for a BYF42 Luger P08.
A "2C-Special" (my version of Askin's Avenger/Alessi DOJ)
for a Colt SAA .45LC
Paddle holster for a Colt Mustang (more holster than gun)
I.W.B.s and belt slides for "mouse guns" (same as above)
Sometimes you have to scratch your head and wonder - "What are they thinking?"

I'm sure there are more I can't remember now. Let's hear from the rest of you...
Safe shooting,
Mark Garrity
Garrity's Gunleather

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Great stuff. For real, I do know that Chris Edwards, from Glock, carried a G-19 on his ankle for a lot of years prior to the introduction of the G-26. I also worked with an officer who carried a 2 1/2" S&W M-66 in an ankle rig!!! Really.

Lou, Tony, and a few others should be able to add some other items for us to laugh about....... Blame it on Hollywood...

I did read a post that this guys everyday carry gun was a 3 1/2" Model 27 N frame in an IWB!! And he said it was comfortable?????? Maybe for him!
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